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 The HTML of the description/incoming replies is corrupt and the content is not correct ‑ Why? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

One common reason for strange-looking issues, or issues that have a hard time opening, are hidden HTML templates in the description/reply


The exact problem may vary - disorganised/missing content, bad tables, or maybe the editor fails to render the HTML to a readable format and just displays the HTML code.


Often, we find that the culprits are advanced HTML templates with a lot of tables for layout and css formatting for styling. Usually, the templated content have been pasted directly into the issue description, or have come from emails with layout templates. VisionFlow have problems handling this kind of advanced HTML content inside its own HTML structure, and this results in errors.


One of the main troublemakers are HTML templates from Microsoft Office. We do not recommend pasting directly from Word or other MS Office programs, using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V. Having MS email templates in email can also be problematic when viewing the issue or replying to the email.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/information.gif Instead of direct pasting (for example Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V), use the two paste functions in the editor:

  • Paste from Word  - (icon "Clipboard +W" to the right). This clears up the text while retaining basic styles as bold, italic etc.
  • Paste as plain text - (icon: "Clipboard + T" to the next most right). Use this if you don't want any styles kept, just plain text. 



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif To find out if you have content pasted from MS word etc do the following: Click on the icon/link "HTML" in the editor to open "Edit HTML source", a window where you can see the HTML code. If you see any text like this : class="MsoNormal", then you have Microsoft content pasted in your description/in your incoming email reply. 


You can use the "Edit HTML source" (the "HTML" icon in the editor) to clean up the existing description. Make sure to take a backup copy of the content first! In case you mangle the formatting, it can be difficult to clean up. Do this on your own risk!


After clean up and removing unnecessary tables/styles/etc the chances should improve of having the issue open correctly.

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