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 I just inactivated some users ‑ will that affect the coming invoice? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

VisionFlow is charging based on the number of modules, and the price is per active internal user.


The price is calculated using the maximum active internal users per month, and is invoiced in arrears. 


An internal user logs in normally, and can access the whole system. We do not charge for support users, who can only access the system via email or the support center portal.


Let's use an example. Say you have 15 users in your account in january, and inactivates 5 of those on the 20th of January, resulting in 10 active users. 


Assuming you have monthly invoices, this is what will happen in this case:


  • The invoice sent in January is for December, and thus is based on the higher number of users (15)
  • The invoice sent in February is for January, is based on the higher number of users (15), since that was the maximum number of active users during the month.
  • The invoice sent in March is for February, is based on the lower number of users (10).

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