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VisionFlow is developed from the ground up by Visionera AB.


  • The software architecture is build on open technologies such as Java (on the server side), HTML and Javascript (on the client side)
  • VisionFlow is not built on any third party commercial products (such as Sharepoint or the like)
  • The client (User interface) is completely web based (using HTML and Javascript), and can be used in any web browser (such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) 
  • VisionFlow can be used in any operating system (Windows, Linux or Apple/MAC)
  • If you purchase the on-premise sever version.
    • Our server is developed in Java and runs inside an Apache Tomcat Web server (or similar),
    • You can use MySQL (free) or MS SQL Server (commercial) database
    • The server runs on Linux or Windows based servers

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