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In this page you can rewrite an article as well as change some attributes of the article.


Click on in the top right of the article (Assuming you have permisions to edit articles). 

Edit KB article


This takes you to the Edit knowledge base entry page. 

 Knowledge Base Images/Support center/KB_article_edit_page.PNG




This page contains several elements:


  • Title: The article title
  • Position in category: this number helps order the articles within a category. Useful if you want a specific order to the articles. Lower numbers come before higher ones. If articles have the same position number (Common if they have the default value of 0), they are sorted alphabetically.
  • Exclude from external KB: Checking this will make the article internal - not published in the KB.
  • Exclude from recently changed articles: Check this if you don't want the article to show up in the recently changed section. Its useful to have this checked when you're in the progress of writing an article, so support users will not be able to read a draft article.
  • Featured article: Check this to make the article show up in the "Featured article" sidebar
  • Products: (Or services/Assets/Config items etc, it depends on your terminology option) - click this to open a config item selector dialog. There you can select config items related to this article.
  • Content: This is where you write or edit the article text itself.
  • Upload file: If you need to add a file/image directly when writing an article, you can do it from here without first uploading them to the documents section, and then adding them as a image in the editor
  • Save: This saves the article.
  • Remove: click this to delete the article
  • Move to category: This allows you to move an article to another category - choose in the dropdown

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