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 How do I import users from my LDAP server into VisionFlow? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

By using the LDAP batch import utility you can transfer many users from the LDAP directory into VisionFlow.

  1. To use the import utility, start by logging into VisionFlow with the administrator user.
  2. Go to on the server where you installed VisionFlow
  3. Or, or use the http://URL_FOR_THE_SYSTEM/LDAPImportUtil.jsp from another machine, but to get this to work you need to make the system allow changes from another machine. Do do this you need to make a change in the /WEB-INF/classes/ file and add the row ldap.importutil.remoteenabled=true in the
  4. Specify the user principal and password to be used for searching the LDAP directory
  5. Specify where in the LDAP tree you should search for users using the Distinguished Name (DN)
  6. Specify the search filter/criteria for the users that you want to import (try to be specific)
  7. Specify the attributes that you want to view in the search result (such as uid, givenname etc.)
  8. Specify the mappings between the LDAP user attributes and the attributes in VisionFlow for
    the fields you want to import - you do this in the ldap.user.mappings key in the file
  9. Specify what user group the users you import should be assigned to
  10. If you don't want the users to be notified (get an email) when they are imported into, then add the ldap.import.sendNotification=false property in the file
  11. Perform the search
  12. Select the users you want to import and click "Import selected users"
  13. If the password isn't included in the import or if you want to force a new password, you can use the two fields        
    • "Default Password to set at import (if none exist in LDAP)"
    • "Fixed password to set at import (if you don't want to use pwd in LDAP)"

If you have problems accessing your LDAP directory/database then it is usually best to test the connection using an external tool (such as jxplorer) from the same machine as your VisionFlow server is installed. By making sure this




Your server and starting context: ldap://


Username (security principal), DN used for searching: CN=Donald Duck,OU=TEST,DC=YODA,DC=UTOPIA,DC=LOCAL


User password/credential used for searching: MySecretPassword


Base DN (where login users are found): OU=TEST,DC=YODA,DC=UTOPIA,DC=LOCAL


Search filter: (&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)


Another example


Your server and starting context: ldap://


Username (security principal), DN used for searching: uid=jonas,ou=users,ou=system 


User password/credential used for searching: MySecretPassword


Base DN (where login users are found): ou=system


Search filter: (&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=VPUSER,CN=Users,DC=MYCOMPANY,DC=LOCAL))




Note: We do not recommend import of more than 2000 objects at a time since that slows the system down. If more objects needs to be imported divide them into groups of a maximum of 2000 and then add more groups once the first is imported.

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