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You can inherit these settings from a folder to its documents and sub-folders.



In the documents page, select the desired folder and click on the edit icon to the right in the Action column.
This opens up the "Edit document folder" page:


Knowledge Base Images/Documents/Document_folder_preferences.PNG


Edit folder name: This section contains basic document info


  • Document: This is the document name
  • Date created: This is the create date
  • Date modified: Latest time the document was updated.
  • Description: A short text descripton about the document


Access Control:


  • Everyone/Just me/Select Group(s) and/or User(s): This is the normal access/permission section. Here you can control who can see the document.
  • Inherit permissions to all documents and subfolders: This setting makes it so all documents and subfolders created in the folder inherits them permission settings of this parent. When adding a document, you will get a question whether you want to change permision to the folder one, or not.
  • Inherit the published flag to all new documents and subfolders: This setting makes it so all new documents and subfolders will have the same setting fpr publication to the support center. When adding the document, you'll get a question whether you want to have the same setting or not.



Support Center


(If enabled the folder is shown in the support center): This is the support center flag. The flag controls whether a document is available in the Support center or not.

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