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This page allows you to edit the issue types available in your account/company.


Go to General – Settings – Issue configuration – Issue types. The list shows the "master list" of all issue types available to you at a company/account level. By default it only shows the issue types available in VisionFlow by default (bug, task, feature request, support issue),

but if you have made some custom issue types, they will be shown in the list as well.


In every project, you can choose which issue types to use, from this list. A project can use all, a few or even just one issue type. That set up is made by a project administrator in the project settings.


  • Create a new issue type by clicking on "Add new description", and fill in values for name, description and icon.
  • Delete an issue type by clicking on the red "X" icon in the table.
  • Editing is easy:
    - You can edit name and description of an issue type right in the table with ease.
    - Clicking on the "Change" next to the icon will make a popup icon viewer, where you can choose another icon.
    - The Default checkbox - check this for your default issue type, which is used if no type is specified.
    - The order field is used for sorting order


Adding extra fields / text areas to issue types: clicking the "edit issue type" icon in the table, opens  a dialog where you can change the name of the text area ("Description" by default), but you can also add more text areas for the issue type. 

The "Bug" issue type also comes with three extra text areas by default ("Steps to reproduce",  "Actual result" and "Expected result"), but you can change these or add more fields.  

You can also choose if entering values in the text areas should be mandatory or optional.

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