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The hosted version of VisionFlow 7.4 was released on the 22th of October 2011

See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


The installed version is scheduled for release on the week that starts the 31st of October.


Project Management

New more powerful dynamic Timeline (Gantt) chart with drag and drop

The Timeline has been enhanced with things like

  • More compact and "readable" look and feel
  • Ability to filter on more fields
  • View dependency between versions and issues
  • View progress on project, versions and issues 
  • More items allow for drag and drop
  • Issues can be linked via drag and drop
  • And much more ...

Version/Iteration/Phase linking

Iterations/Sprints/Phases/Versions can now be linked, so when moving one item forward the others are moved as well.


This means that when you change the End date on a that has a linked iterations/sprint/phase, you will get a question asking if the linked version and its issues should be moved as well. Also, if you change the start date on a version you will get a question asking if its issues should be moved as well. 

Release - Iteration/Phase/Version link

An iteration/phase/version can now be linked with a (Product) Release in the Product/Asset/Services tree.


Also, when you open a Release you will find information about the linked iteration/phase/versions. You can track their progress and also navigate quickly to the sprints in the project(s).


This functionality has been introduced for easier product and release management/planning, needed in areas such as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and IT Service Management (ITSM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Mass email capability from Users/Persons and Contracts

 You now have the ability to easily send emails to many users/contacts/persons (in the General --> Users section), or you can also easily send emails to the users/persons related to a Contract (in the General --> Contracts section)

Just select one or more Users/Persons or Contracts and select the "Email" action.

Contracts - contacts has been added

On a Contract you can associate contacts, such as the responsible person(s) on the customer's side or for a partner/vendor.


Chat module (Enterprise and Live support chat)

Many improvements have been made to make the chat module more complete and usable in the organization. We've added options and flexibility so that it can be used as a poweful communication hub to easily share information between users/teams. 

Usability improvements

Some usability enhancements has been made throughout the chat module, such as making URL's in chat messages clickable.

XMPP notifications

Notifications from VisionFlow can now be received by a XMPP client. You enable that in the Profile, just check "Receive push notifications".  

Better XMPP client support (standalone and Mobile apps)

Since the chat module is based on the open XMPP/Jabber standard, we have impoved the integration capabilities applications, software and services available.


This means that you now can use your favourite XMPP client together with VisionFlow to, among other things:

  • Chat with individual company users
  • Join chat rooms and chat with your colleagues
  • Change online/away status in VisionFlow
  • Get notifications regarding issue changes
  • Get more visible alerts/popups/events/sounds when receivin new messages (so that you don't miss them)
  • Use your XMPP client for support/sales chats - useful if you don't use VisionFlow all the time


Changes in the user interface include several new options in the user profile to make it more flexible, such as:

  • Adding an option to set status to "away"/"busy" automatically after a number of minutes
  • Making the XMPP statuses changable, which means that you can tune VisionFlow to work well with your favourite XMPP client on your PC/MAC or mobile phone


More on this here...


Configuration management (Product management)

Improved product - release management

A few of the enhancements:

  • If you select a release in an issue, the Product will be set automatically if it isn't already set. 
  • If you select a version in an issue, and the version belongs to a release, the release will be set automatically. 

Custom field on CI's

The same custom fields that are used on Users and Projects are now available for Configuration Items (Products/Assets). 


Issue/case management

Links in notification are client aware - (Mobile App vs standard version)

 If you use a mobile device and clicks on a issue link in a notification email or XMPP notification the VisionFlow Mobile app will be loaded.


Issue rules - ability to have a rule to be triggered when a fields has been changed

The Issue rules has been enhanced to include a rule to trigger on change of a field.


Issue alerts - ability to set a Issue field when a date field has been passed

You can configure Issue alerts to trigger when a date field has been passed. This can for example be used to change a field on an issue when the Due date has been passed.



Improved search capability when searching in CI/Product field (Search and Issue rules)

When using Search, Issue rules or Issue alerts you can search for a Configuration Item/Product field that is "Unassigned".


KB - Direct link has been improveds

The Direct link option that is available when viewing a KB article will now display different links a "Direct link", "Internal link" and the "Support center link".


The "Direct link" should be used if you want to send a link to a "normal" VisionFlow user. When that user uses the link the article will be loaded in "normal" VisionFlow.


The "Internal link" should be used to link between KB articles.


The "Support center link" should be used for Support users and the KB article will load in your Support Center.


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