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 How do I create an internal link to a KB Category? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

You can do it like this (say you want to create a link to Category A in article B):
1. Go to the KB, and open category A. Click on 'direct link' and copy the URL. 
2. Navigate to article B, and edit it. Write the text for the link, mark it, and select link icon in editor.
3. In the link dialog that shows, paste in the copied URL in 'Link URL', but change the link like this :

  • Change the URL from  .../<support center hashcode>
  • to .../

4.Save the link, and the article.

Now,when you click on the link in article B, it will open category A in the content frame of the KB.


Note: If you forget to remove the 'Ex' part of the url above, the link will try to open the whole support center KB inside the article frame, which does not work well.


Yes, this is a workaround, and we're going to improve handling of links at some point.

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