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You can use predefined search filters or free text search to show the user(s) you are interested in.


Functions in the search/filter section of the Users page toolbar:


Knowledge Base Images/General/UserPage_ToolBar_SearchFilter.png


Search section:

  • Search - Enter a search criteria, such as part of the user's name or email address, and start searching by clicking on the Spyglass icon (or clicking return). Clicking on the X icon clears the field.
  • Filter - This combobox shows saved search filters that can be used to filter users. ("..." means no filter selected.)
  • Edit filter (icon) - If a filter is selected in the above combobox, clicking this opens the edit filter dialog for that filter.
  • Add filter (icon) - Clicking this opens an emtpy edit filter dialog where you can create a new User filter.




The add/edit filter dialog:


Knowledge Base Images/General/UserPage_EditFilter.PNG


(Image shows a sample filter setup. The sample could be interpreted like this: Find users where Account Status = Active, AND User group =(External or Support user), AND (User type = Contact OR Notes contains "Followup") )


In this dialog you can create your own user filters using the same interface as in the main Search page. It is limited to fields relevant to users, though.


Add new rows with the green plus icons, remove them with the red crosses. "Add subcriteria" creates a new sub-tier of criterions.


  • Apply filter - this will sort the users using the filter in the edit dialog, while the dialog is still up. This is useful for sorting the user list on the fly, or to see that the custom fitler you're creating does indeed filter in the way you like.
  • Save - This saves the current filter to the list of custom user filters.
  • Close - closes the dialog without saving.


These fields can be used as criterias:

  • Full name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Home phone
  • Cell phone
  • Notes - this is the text area in the Notes tab on a user.
  • Company
  • User group (As used in the permissions/accesses)
  • Account status (Active/Inactive) -
  • User type  - This have two options:
    • System User: These are the standard users, and can log into the system (or the support portal in the case of Support users). You're billed for all System Users with the exception of support users.
    • Contacts: These users can never login to VisionFlow, and you're never billed for these users. This is just a reference user, to collect information about customers and other contacts.




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