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What is VisionFlow? - Quick overview

Logging in to VisionFlow - How to log in. You should have gotten a username and password by the admin if it is your first time here.


Changing your password - You probably want to change the password to something you can remember.


The dashboard - Your first view of VisionFlow. Here you can see all your projects. You probably want to start by creating a new project.


Creating a new Project - Here you do the initial set up when creating your new project.


Creating a new user - Here you'll find info about how you create a new user in the system


The Project page - The place for overseeing and managing your project. Several summaries of work progress and a calendar.


The Issues page - Shows a list of the issues/tasks/cases/tickets in the project.


Viewing a single Issue - Shows the details, sub-issues, attachments, links, work logs and history of a single issue/task/case/ticket


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