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Note: When thinking Requirement you can also think User story or Use case.


One of the features in VisionFlow is sub-issues. With sub-issues you can have parent-child relations between issues.

One common parent-child relation in software development are often Requirement -> Task(s). You can have an unlimited umber of sub-issue levels in VisionFlow


To simplify the work with Requirements / Tasks in VisionFlow, you can do the following:

  1. Create a new Issue type, e.g. 'Requirement'
  2. Choose which issue fields you want to use for the type Requirement', perhaps you only need
    a Title, Description and Status? (Do this in the Issue Fields Configuration, in the Account settings)
  3. In your projects, start to create your requirements/user stories. When these get clearer you can
    start to create "child tasks" to break down the different requirements into smaller pieces.
  4. Add child issues to the requirements/user stories (Possibly using a new issue type 'Task'). In the edit issue page, you can either create entirely new issues as sub-issues, or take existing issues and make them sub-issues to the current reuirements issue.
  5. You can check the box 'Sub-issues should be done in order' in the edit Issue page, to make sure that the isssues are completed in the right order. Remember that you can rearrange sub-issues in the sub-issues section of a Requiremw

When viewing a "Requirement-issue" you will always have an up-to-date view of the current progress of the child-tasks.

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