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You can save a search, to repeat it when needed.

The search will then be available in the Searches sub-panel at the bottom of the main navigation panel to the left, as well as in the Filters menu in the Issues page.

To save a search (in the Search/filter page), you specify:

  • Search criteria for the search
  • Presentation type, Sorting, Grouping by selecting this in the dropdown menues
  • Set up he columns and column order in the grid
  • Save with a Name and optionally a description
  • Filter sharing ("Private", "All", "Specific Group")
  • Visibility ("Show on Start page (Dashboard)", "Use as an issue filter in selected projects")


Saved searches can be the basis of search subscriptions as well, where the result of the search is periodically mailed to specified users. To create a subscription, just click on the button 'Add subscription to this search' next to the search button. Make sure the Search is saved correctly before the subscription is created.

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