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This breach type triggers when an issue has been more than X hours in statuses designed as start/running, excluding time spent in paused statuses


Note: For this SLA Target to work properly, all your statuses should be set to either 'Start/Running', 'Pause' or 'Stop' in the Breach setup for the SLA Target. If you set an issue to a status that are not checked for any of these cases, then this SLA Target type will not work on that issue.


"Time in Start or Running statuses more than X hours"


When choosing this breach/trigger type for a SLA Target, you select an amount of hours (the X above), that the issue should be in certain statuses before the SLA Target should breach.  Note that the hours are in decimal, so if you enter "0.5", this means 30 minutes.


This SLA Target type will only count times spent in statuses that are checked in the column "Start or Running" against the time limit of X hours.




Note that the 'New' status is by default checked as an 'Start or Running' status. This means this type of SLA Target normally starts tracking time from when the issue is created. If an issue is created in a 'Paused' status, then it will not count time until it is set to a status that are checked as 'Start or Running'.   The Next breach field and the SLA tab on the issue will then be calculated based on the time when the SLA Target was activated.


For example, if X is 0.5, and the issue was changed to an 'Start or Running' status at 2020-09-30 11:00, then the SLA Target will set an estimated breach on 2020-09-30 at 11:30, assuming the issue has not been completed before that (or the SLA Target has been cancelled by another reason such as switching the issue to another SLA).



  • When the issue is in an 'Start or Running' status, the SLA Target will have the status Running.
  • When the issue is in a status with the 'Paused' flag, the SLA Target will have the status Paused, and remain so, until it is again set to an 'Start or Running' status (when it is set to Running again), or when it is set to a 'Stop' status (when it is set to Achived if it has been running for less than X hours.
  • When the issue is set to a 'Stop' status while the SLA Target is Running, the SLA Target is set to Achieved.



Important: SLA Targets can only trigger when the estimated breach time is in the future. You should not set this SLA Target for an issue where the breach date would be in the past, it will not trigger a breach. 



Note: What is the difference between this breach type and "In progress more than X hours"?

This SLA Target allows you to choose exactly which statuses should be tracked for time. You can have multiple SLA Targets of this type, that tracks different statuses. Example: A status 'XYZ' may be a running status in SLA 'Target 123', but a paused status in SLA 'Target 234'.


In the SLA Target type "In progress more than X hours" the flags are set in the account settings itself, and a given status is always either 'IN-Progress' or not for ALL SLA Targets of that type.

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