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Here is an example of how integration with Telavox, a cloud based phone exchange system, can be done.


Please also read the instructions in this article to see how to configure the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) in VisionFlow


1.) Download and install the Telavox Flow client/app on your PC


2.) Log into the client/app and configure it based on your needs, for example "Receive incoming calls" needs to be activated


3.) Configure the VisionFlow CTI URL 


  • Open "Settings" --> Telephony & Audio
  • Open "Advanced telephony"



  • Go to "External search on call"



  • Use the "Add service function".
  • Enter the CTI URL that you want to use in the "Service URL".
  • You should compose the URL from the General --> Settings --> Integrations --> CTI, for example something like the one below where the userName is your username and token is the token for your organization:
  • Make sure you select "Open result automatically on answer" before you click "Add service"



4.) Configure "Call To" in Windows. This means that you can click on phone numbers in VisionFlow, such as on user or issue card, to get Telavox to call these numbers.


More information about this, see here...


5.) Instructions how to the CTI integration:

  • Login to VisionFlow with your default browser
  • Get someone to help to call you.
  • Make sure that the Telavox client/app recognizes your call.
  • Answer the call with the Telavox client/app.
  • Answer a phone call in your Telavox client/app.
  • This should result in a web browser tab to open in your web browser and then close quickly
  • The correct card should open in VisionFlow, such as issue, company or user card.



Please note that the configuration above only works on the PC client at the moment and not in the Mobile app.

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