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This shows code commits associated with the issue


If using a Version Control System (VCS) in the project, then you can have code commits related to the issue show up in the Commits sub-tab.


VCS settings are found in the project settings, in the general section:  Project Settings page - General


Read more about integrations with different VCS repository types in this Knowledge Base category:  VCS Integration



This sub-tab shows a list of commits associated with the current issue, one commit per row.


The different columns are:

  • Revision - this is a hashcode that identifies the specific commit
  • Date - The date and time of the commit
  • User - The user that made the commit.  There is a user icon that you can click on and show information about the user.
  • Comment - The commit message. This generally includes the issue key and usually a short description of what was done
  • Branch - Which code branch that the commit was made to.


Each row also lists the changed files that were included in the commit.

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