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This shows SLA Targets on the issue


This is a list of all the SLA Targets on the issue and their statuses, and some other data.


Columns and their explanations:

  • SLA Target - the name of the SLA Target
  • SLA Status - the status of the SLA Target. There are several different options:
    • In progress - the Target is currently running and has not yet been achieved or breached.
    • Achieved - The Target has been resolved before its breach date or before running out of time.
    • Breached - The Target passed its breach date, or it ran out of time.
    • Breached - The old SLA Target was breached, but is no longer tracked as a new SLA Target was later activated
    • Paused - The SLA Target was set to a paused state, and can later be set to progressing again. This is only used in one or two specific SLA Target types.
    • Cancelled - The issue has changed in some way that makes this SLA Target no longer valid. Usually it is because some criterion no longer matches, such as when the issue is set to an issue status not handled by the SLA Target.
  • Start - The time when the SLA Target is started
  • Est. breach - The time when the system estimates that the SLA Target will breach. This is calculated from the type of the SLA Target
  • Achieved - The time that the SLA Target was set to achieved.
  • Elapsed - The amount of time that the SLA Target has been in progress/running.
  • Paused - The amount of time that the SLA Target has been in a paused state.
  • Remaining - The amount of time left before the SLA Target breaches


Note: When the issue has a SLA Target, and the issue changes so to make the SLA Target valid again (if it was Achieved/Breached/Cancelled), or another SLA Target being valid instead, this is what happens:

The old SLA Target either remains Achieved/Breached/Cancelled or is set to Cancelled (if it was In progress/Paused), and a new instance of the valid SLA Target (which could be the same as the old one) is set to In progress/Paused and added to the SLA Target list.


This makes the SLA Targets subtab contain a "SLA history" of the issue - you can see what SLA Targets have been active in the past as well as the present.

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