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This shows documents and images attached to the issue


You can attach files and images to issues. Here you can see all attachments to the issue, with short descriptions of their content.
You can open attachments,edit descriptions, attach more files to the issue, et.c..


The list of attachments have a number of columns:

  • Name - The name of the file
  • Description - Short free text description that you can add.
  • Locked? - If the file is set to not currently be editable, this shows a locked padlock icon, otherwise an open padlock icon. A file can be temporarily locked by clicking o
  • Size - The file size
  • Modified - Date that the file was uploaded or last modified
  • Modified by - The user that uploaded or last modified the file
  • Action - Here you can see a number of action icons that allow you do some things to an attachment (assuming you have permission to perform the tasks):
    • For files, these actions are available:
      • Download - this downloads the file
      • Edit - this opens the edit page/dialog for this document, where you can change description, permission or replace the file with a new version.
      • Edit content - this allows you to edit the content of the file, for text files, HTML files, and files associated with a MS program (if you have the program)
      • Delete - This deletes the file.
    • For folders, these actions are available:
      • Attach document - add a document to the folder via a file dialog
      • New folder - add a sub-folder to this folder
      • Edit - this allows you to edit the name and description of the folder
      • Delete - this deletes the folder in question and all documents in it. You will get a confirmation question to confirm that you really want to do this.



Clicking on an image file will open the image viewer and show the file there.

Clicking on other types of files will try to download the files.


At the bottom of the document list, there are a couple of other functions:

  • Attach document - this opens a file dialog where you can choose a file on your computer to upload to the issue.
  • Functions - this menu contains several options:
    • New folder - this adds an empty folder
    • Image viewer - this opens the image viewer on the first image in the attachment list. You can then navigate through all the images using this dialog.
    • Upload multiple files - this opens a dialog where you can select many files to be uploaded to the issue. The files are compressed intto one archive file (.zip, etc).
    • Download files - if you click multiple documents in the list, and then choose this option, all the files will be downloaded together in an archive file.
    • Add linked document - This opens a dialog where you can choose a document on the project itself, and link to it. The document is then not on the issue itself, but the link points to the master document in the project documents page. This is useful when you want to add the same document to many issues and does not want to have different versions on all the issues.
    • Delete files - This deletes the checked document files.

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