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 What is the "Change Modified Date" in an SLA Target Escalation rule? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

"Change modified date" sets the modified date of the issue, i e the last time the issue was changed.


This is very powerful, since it "resets the clock" and triggers the SLA Target to automatically start working again to make sure that the issue is managed in the correct way according to the routines that are set up.


Please note that the "change the modified date" just resets the clock where the trigger "Issue hasn't changed for X hours" is used, so the the SLA triggers again. SLA targets with other triggers, such as "Time in Start or Running statuses more than X hours", will still be triggered after the total time have been accumulated.


If "Change modified date" is selected, the modified date is changed even though no other fields are changed.


Knowledge Base Images/Project Settings/Project_Settings_SLA_Escalations_Date.png



  • The SLA Target plan watch for issues that hasn't been changed for 4 hours.
  • Priority is set to be changed to "Very High" when the SLA Target is triggered
  • The Changed Modified date flag is set


This will happen if an issue is found that hasn't been changed for 4 hours, at say, 10:00 on 1 October 2010:

  1. The SLA Target will be triggered
  2. Priority will be changed to "Very High" and the Modified date will be changed to "2010-10-01 10:00".

To VisionFlow this indicates that the issue has been changed at 10:00 and the SLA Target will be triggered again at 14:00 if the issue hasn't changed before.


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