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 How to change language for the login‑page of the Hosted version Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

In the hosted version of Visionflow, the login page is shown in English.


In order to change this, you can add a "locale" tag after the "" part of the URL.


For example will bring you to a Swedish login page.

You can change the "locale=sv_SE" part to any of the once listed below


  • Swedish - sv_Se
  • German - de_DE
  • French - fr_FR
  • Spanish - es_ES
  • Norwegian - nn_NO
  • Czech - cs_CZ
  • Polish - pl_PL
  • Russian - ru_RU
  • Dutch - nl_NL
  • Danish - da_DK


Please note: If your Support Center requires a login and you wish to link to a specific language of it's login page, the "locale" tag needs to be added in addition to the "supportCenter" tag.


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