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When upgrading VisionFlow from one version to another it is very important that you follow the instructions very closely here... It is very important that you first upgrade your test environment first to make sure everything works fine before proceeding with upgrading your live environment.


If the installation fails please follow the instructions below:


1.) Roll-back your installation using your back-up


2.) Double check the system requirements available here, to make sure all components you are using are up-to-date, for example the right version of Java, Tomcat and your database server...


3.) Verify your installation and server with the VerifyInstallation.jsp function and save this information to a file (preferably pdf). See here for more information on how to do this...


4.) Try to install the system again using the "console mode" and copy and save the log from the console if something goes wrong. Instructions about this is available on this page under the heading "Upgrade with the console installation". If you get errors here then the upgrade did not fully work.


5.) If the system still doesn't work or you got error messages in the previous step, please send the information below to :


  • Describe your upgrade in detail and the steps done. Also, when the upgrade was done, this is needed for log file analysis.

  • Send us the verify installation result from step 3.) above

  • The console log file from step 4.)

  • If it is possible to start the system after 4.) also:

    • Please run 3.) again and also send this file to us also.

    • Desribe what happens when you log in, and please send us a screenshot of any problems in the system, if you can.
    • Check the JS Console when you log in (Using F12 in your web browser and choose "Console") and if you see any red error messages please send this to us
    • Send us all log files from the system, see here for information about where to find them...

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