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Field description - Contract



Short description:


The Contract field represents a contract that is set on the issue. Contracts determine what SLA (Service Level Agreement) the issue has.






Default name: Contract

Terminology variations: Agreement, Deal


In-Use: Optional. This field can be set to be used in the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Optional. This field can be set as mandatory, but need not be.


Data type: An active Contract. 


Access restrictions: (Default) Created: "Read/Write" for all internal users,  and "No access" for external or support users..  Editing: "Read/Write" for all internal users,  and "No access" for external or support users.





SLA field. If both the Contract field AND the SLA field are used on an issue, the contract set will determine which SLA is set (and also indirectly affect the Next Breach field). 


Which contracts are available in the Contract list is dependent on several factors like Reporter, reporter company (alternatively the plain company field), products/ConfigItems on the issue. 





Affected by these settings: 


General > Contracts 

The setup of a contract determine its availability on the issue. If you edit a contract, it may no longer be a fit for the issue.



General > Settings > Issue configurations > Issue rules.

Contract can be used in issue rules, either as a criterion, or being set in the rule action.


Use cases: 

The Contract field tells you what contract is set on the issue. It is used to determine what SLA is in effect for the issue in question.

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