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All the installation steps for the "normal" installation regarding setup of the webserver should be followed. The setup of the database, the documents and the branding differs from a "normal" installation.  

Database setup

Instead of running scripts to setup an empty database you use a database backup file (Provided by Visionera) that you should restore instead. The name of the database is VisionFlow.


Note: This database migration from hosted version to installed version is a service Visionera provides at a cost, depending on the amount of work involved. There is no automatic, free migration/export of the database.

Document setup

The documents that you have in the hosted version will also be available in a zip-file. The zip-file should be extracted into the folder that you have specified in the file, i.e. the property named documentPath.

# Path to the base directory where the project and issue documents are stored


If you have used the branding option in the hosted version of VisionFlow you will get a file in the installation. That file should be extracted in the webapp directory, e.g. ../webapps/VisionFlow.

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