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This article describes how to install Tigase XMPP Server on a Linux distribution.


NOTE! The version to be installed is tigase-server-7.1.3-b4482.jar


1. First download the installation file. 



2. Run the console installer.

java -jar tigase-server-7.1.3-b4482.jar -console


Follow the guide at



  • In the step Basic configuration choose:  Default plus extra components.
  • Run the guide until everything is installed.
  • Wait with the step running the server until later.



After installation

(tigase_root is the root folder of the Tigase Server)

(vp_root is the root folder of where VisionFlow is installed)


1. Backup file tigase_root/etc/ 

2. Copy file vp_root/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed_version/configuration/chatmodule/ into tigase_root/etc directory

3. Change the properties in that file:

--virt-hosts  - domain you selected during tigase installation

--admins - tigase admin user you specified during installation

--user-db - database type you specified during installation

--user-db-uri - url of the database for tigase, make sure it contains the paramaters "&autoCreateUser=true&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8"

--auth-db-uri - database url used by visionflow

--auth-db-driver - driver for the database used by visionflow (com.mysql.jdbc.Driver for mysql, for mssql)

--webServiceUrl - webservices url of your visionflow installation 

4. Copy files 

into tigase_root/jars directory

5. Open file vp_root/WEB-INF/internal_docs/installed_version/configuration/chatmodule/ and compare it to the file vp_root/WEB-INF/classes/ Add any missing listeners to to the file in your classes folder. If you do not have a file in your classes folder you can simply copy the file from the chatmodule folder.

6. Open file vp_root/WEB-INF/classes/ and change the properties:

chatDomain - domain of the server where nginx/tigase is located


chatSystemPassword - any set of latin symbols and/or numbers


chatProtocol=wss(use ws if you don't have https configured on nginx )

7. (Optional) If you run VisionFlow on MS SQL Server.

Copy the MS SQL jdbc driver mssql-jdbc-7.2.2.jre8.jar from vp_root/WEB-INF/lib to tigase_root/jars/ 


Installation as a service

You can start the tigase server with the command:

 tigase_root/scripts/ start etc/tigase.conf

or make it starting automatically:

  • Take script here and put it into /etc/init.d on you server
  • Open the file and change parameter TIGASE_HOME tou your own tigase installation path (tigase_root)
  • Set the file executable:

sudo chmod u+x /etc/init.d/tigase

  • Install init script links: 

sudo update-rc.d tigase defaults 


Then you can start(stop) it using the following command

sudo /etc/init.d/tigase start(stop)



Additional Nginx configuration


Nginx needs to be set up to support websocket. In newer version of VisionFlow the required configuration is included when following our knowledge base article on setting up nginx/proxy server but if your nginx configuration is older you need to configure it manually. Please have a look at the following article to see which configrations need to be in place: Migrate chat to websockets

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