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In this page you can add new dashboards to complement the standard dashboard in the system


By default, there is one called Company dashboard, this corresponds to the main dashboard.


Click "Add new dashboard" to add a brand new dashboard.

Custom Dashboards have these columns in the grid:

  • Name - the name of the dashboard. 
  • Description - some text about the dashboard, what it is intended for
  • Created - the date and time the dashboard was created
  • Created by - which user created the dashboard
  • Modified - the date and time the dashboard was last changed
  • Modified by - the user who last changed the dashboard
  • Actions - these buttons are for different functions:
    • Delete - Deletes the custom dashboard
    • Edit - Opens the dashboard so you can edit the individual portlets etc.
    • Copy - This option copies the selected dashboard - it creates a new dashboard with the name "Copy" plus the dashboard name.


Note: This page just creates the custom dashboards. 


To show the dashboard, you need to create a general link to the dashboard in the General section. 

To make sure the dashboard contain something, you need to edit it to add portlets and customize thems on the dashboard.

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