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There is a hidden interface for accessing the reindex tools.

To access it, you need to login to VisionFlow as a user with Administrator privileges.


Once logged in to the system, you can add go to the URL "<Your VisionFlow URL>/UpdateDocumentIndex.jsp"

Here you'll see options for reindexing all documents, for a specific company or for a specific project


Knowledge Base Images/Technical/lucene_index.PNG


You can also invoke the commands by directly resolving the below URLS


To update index for all documents for all companies you need to call url below, this will remove all index for all companies and all documents from the disk and recreate new index:


  • <Your VisionFlow URL>/UpdateDocumentIndex.jsp?recreateAll=true&completeReindexing=true


To update index only for a specific company, you can call url:


  • <Your VisionFlow URL>/UpdateDocumentIndex.jsp?companyId=<COMPANY_ID>&completeReindexing=true


To update index only for a specific project, you can call url:


  • <Your VisionFlow URL>/UpdateDocumentIndex.jsp?projectId=<PROJECT_ID>&completeReindexing=true

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