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What predefined name options are there to choose in the terminology settings?


For English and Swedish, you can choose terms from a set of predefined options in the terminology page.

If you have other languages, you have to enter the new terms manually.


Note: If you feel that there are any missing options, you are welcome to contact our support with your feature suggestion. 


These are the different options in English for each concept that can have different terminology, using the default terms used in the knowledge base:


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gif Issue 

  • Issue (the default)
  • Task
  • Story
  • Item
  • Ticket
  • Case
  • Activity



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gif Project 

  • Project (the default)
  • Process
  • Workspace



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gif Version 

  • Version
  • Iteration (the new default - used to be version)
  • Sprint
  • Milestone
  • Timebox
  • Phase
  • Stage



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gif Developer (the name of the issue field)

  • Developer (the default)
  • Responsible
  • Assignee



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gif Products (this is the name of the catalog/collection/inventory of individual Products/etc/see below)

  • Products (the default) - this is a reference to the product below, and mirrors the option chosen there
  • Catalog
  • CMDB
  • Inventory
  • Products
  • Services
  • Assets
  • Components
  • Categories
  • Applications
  • Equipment



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gif Product (the individual products/services/assets/CI's)

  • Products (the default)
  • Services
  • Systems
  • Assets
  • Component
  • Categories
  • Applications
  • Equipment


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/bullet_triangle_blue.gif Contract 

  • Contract (the default)
  • Agreement
  • Deal

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