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 What parameters are available to use in scripts in the support center? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

The header, footer and content in the support center is using a server side templating language called velocity, see the following pages for more information and


Velocity makes it easy for you to add logic in your support center pages and combine server side code with client side code in a simple fashion. You can for example add #if #else logic and pull data from the server to use on the client. 


Velocity uses a secure context where the code is executed, and you are only able to use the standard mechanisms available in the language and only the objects available in the Velocity-context that is provided for you.


The following variables are available for you in the velocity contex:

Name Comment
forumEnabled true if forums are enabled in the support center
ideasEnabled true if ideas are enabled in the support center
kbEnabled true if the knowledge base is enabled in the support center
documentsEnabled true if documents are enabled in the support center
ticketsEnabled true if tickets are enabled in the support center
supportChatEnabled true if the support chat is used and is enabled
supportCenterCode the code for the current support center
systemUser the current user data object the name of the current user the email for the current user
companyId the current user's internal companyId if any
systemUserLocale the locale for the current user
requestURL The current URL

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