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 How do I remove issues? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

If you have permission to remove issues then there is a delete function available on top of an issue/ticket. If you click this then the whole issue will be deleted and all data related to it.


You can also delete issue by using the context menu, this is available if you right click on an issue or issue-key anywhere in the system.


If you want to delete many issues at a time, you can do this with the batch function available in the issues list on your workspaces/projects. You do this on the issues/tickets tab on your workspace/project by just selecting one or more issues, then right click on one of them or select "Update selected issues..." on top of the page, then choose the "Delete" action . This means that you can easily filter out all relevant issues, such as all issues for one user, then delete them all.

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