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 How do I only show certain products/services on a given project? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Let's say you have different projects that are handling different products/services/CIs, and you want users in a project to only see the relevant products/services.


Example: Project "Furniture" only handles furniture-related support, while project "Housing" handle building and housing-related support.

You have two separate subnodes 'Furniture' and 'Housing' in your Product/Services/ConfigItem tree. And you want the Product field to only show the relevant items in each project.


  1. Go to General - Settings - Issue configuration - Issue fields
  2. Create two separate Issue field configurations (IFCs) to be used by the different projects. A good way is to just copy an existing issue field configuration, so that both configurations are the same. Give the IFC's different names, like Furniture and Housing.
  3. Open the Furniture IFC, and make sure that the Product field (it can have another name, click on the green ?-icon to confirm the default name) is added to the configuration.
  4. Click on the small green edit-icon next to the "Product" name to open the special settings for this field. Read more about the product settings here
  5. For the setting "Show child nodes of this node", choose the 'Furniture' node in the tree. Save the Product settings. THis means the Product field will show the Furniture subnodes in the Product issue field.
  6. Don't forget to save the whole Issue configuration again!
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 with the IFC for Housing, and make sure that the Product field in that configuration uses the subnodes of 'Housing'.
  8. Now, open the Furniture project, and to to the Settings sub-tab. Open the section "Issue field configuration", and change the configuration into 'Furniture'. Save the project changes.
  9. Repeat step 9 with the Housing project and choose to use the IFC 'Housing' there, and save.

Now, you have two projects using different issue field configuration where the Product field is showing different sections of the Product/Service/CMDB tree in the issue field called 'Product'.




But what if I want this for a custom field of type ConfigItem, instead of using the Product field?



You can do this too:

Go to General - Settings - Issue configuration - Custom fields, and create two different custom fields of type ConfigItem.

  • When you create the custom field, you can choose which subnode of the product tree it should show, same as in the Product setting.
  • Then you will need to create two different IFCs as above, but instead of editing settings on the Product field, you instead add a different custom field to each configuration. 

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