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With the VCS integration support in VisionFlow you  can view the commits that has been done for each issue into your Subversion or Git  repository that is located at Beanstalk.


In the Edit issue page you can see the commits that has been done for  an issue as shown below:





Configuring VisionFlow

  1. Configure VCS integration in the project settings as shown below:


Knowledge Base Images/VCS/beanstalk-config.png



Check the Enable VCS integration to allow the VCS tool to POST commits to VisionFlow.


Enter the repository name for your repository.


Change "View repository path"


Specify the issue key formats you want to use for identifying the issue key in the comment when committing files into the repository.

For example: You commit some files, such as, into the repository
and with the following comment "Fixed [WEB-123] and [WEB-223] payment related bugs"
you can indicate what bugs you have fixed.

By doing this VisionFlow can identify the issues to add this commit information to, however your
comment could also be "Fixed {WEB-123} and {WEB-223} payment related bugs" or
"Fixed #WEB-123 and #WEB-223 payment related bugs" depending on what you specify in the
issue key formats


It  is also important that the IssueKeys are unique per project in your  account for the Beanstalk integration to work, i.e. there can't be any  duplicate IssueKeys, so choose your IssueKey prefixes with care.



Configuring Beanstalk

  1. Log into Beanstalk and browse to your repository, then select Setup -> Integration -> WebHooks.
  2. Click on Web Hooks, then on “Activate”, and you should see a screen like this:


Knowledge Base Images/VCS/beanstalk-webhooks-1_normal.jpg



The Account URL you enter should look something like this:


The COMMIT_REFERENCE_ID is available in the "Project -> Settings -> Version control integration" page and will be something like this: gwR2z3APA9YRRqcP.





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